Open Parallel

Open Parallel provides specialist consultancy services to support organisations worldwide seeking innovation through the adoption or adaptation of emerging technologies.

Open Parallel offers services for Latin America and Global clients at three levels: Consultancy, Technology Design & Development and International Ecosystem Building.

Our global team of specialists with extensive experience in Internet of Things (IoT), High Performance Computing (HPC), software system infrastructure, AI, Edge Computing and all things IT has proven to offer significant advantages when faced with tight project timescales and scarce resources.

We have extensive presence in Latin America with strong networks within the engineering, academic and research communities, with bilingual staff in Spanish and Portuguese. Our CEO was keynote of the 10th Latin America HPC Conference in Buenos Aires. Latin American partners and clients visit us every year at our conference Multicore World in New Zealand

Founded in 2010, we work with our clients at varying levels, depending on project complexity and your in-house expertise. Wheter you are wanting to understand the potential benefits of an emerging technology or are looking for a total solution to meet project and company goals, Open Parallel's network of specialists and innovative managers is available to help.

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