Loadscan are the pioneers behind volumetric measurement - providing mines, quarries, civil construction and mulch yards with the real-time actionable intelligence required to make significant productivity gains.

The original load volume scanner (LVS) and the new conveyor volume scanner (CVS) both provide fast, accurate measurement and powerful reporting enabling users to get the full picture of what’s being extracted/hauled/shifted and optimise production and profits.

Load Volume Scanner (LVS)
Loadscan’s load volume scanning (LVS) system enables users to increase their trucking factors, maximise truck utilisation, eliminate wasteful haul-back, improve bottom line and gain an auditable, indisputable data trail.

Trucks are scanned by driving below an elevated scan head. The LVS is the original patented non-contact, automated ‘drive-through’ truck load measurement system. It takes the guess work out of accounting for bulk materials and is fully automated with an RFID tag reader to automatically identify trucks and trailers. Proprietary software reports every detail of every load, and provides 3D profiles, which can be used to train loader operators and truck drivers to optimise loading.

Conveyor Volume Scanner
Loadscan’s new conveyor volume scanner (CVS) precisely measures and reports on bulk flow to give ultimate production control. Better decisions are made based on accurate, real-time data feeds and it allows users to monitor and operate their conveyor belt on the fly, wherever they are. CVS supplies volume measurement, reports tonnes per hour, and can be programmed to start job and stop belt when target volume/tonnes are reached.

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