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Premium Golf NZ Ltd (PGNZ) is a golf tourism operator based in Auckland New Zealand. Incorporated in November 2014, the company offers both inbound and outbound golf travel packages to New Zealand’s best courses plus premium international golf tours around the world to select golfing destinations.

Packages offered are premium packages aimed at golfing tourists with a high level of disposable income. All packages include rounds of golf, luxury accommodation on the course or in nearby 5 star hotels, luxury travel that might include helicopter transfers, chartered flights or executive road vehicles. Accompanying the package will be either pre-departure or in-tour golf lessons plus on non-golfing days, tourist activities that appeal to the golfing tourist such as vineyard tours, chartered fishing and fine dining.

Targeted markets overseas include traditional golfing countries such as the US, the UK, Australia and Japan. We are also targeting new emerging markets in Asia and the Latin America regions.

The company is a member of the Tourism Industry Association and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce. The company is also in the process of becoming a full member of the International Association of Golf Tourism Operators (IAGTO).

The company is run by Linton Rathgen, the company founder and Managing Director. Haldane Lee, a NZPGA Professional, is the Director of Golf.

We encourage you to consider a golf tour, view our website and contact us to book one of our premium golf tours. We look forward to helping you with your golfing dreams.

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