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Maberly & Co is a law firm based in Auckland that focuses on excellence, delivering top quality work product and client service, while retaining our personality and making our work enjoyable, for us and our clients. We advise clients based in South America who do business in New Zealand and New Zealand clients who do business in South America. Clients come to us for our excellent work, our technical expertise and the appeal of our culture.

Our team are highly experienced commercial and corporate lawyers. We share insight and experience in a generous and collaborative way, both internally as a team and with our clients. Working together, we are agile, flexible and able to offer you exceptional access to top quality senior legal resource.

Our approach is commercial and results-focused. Our work is thorough and detail-conscious, but we won’t waste your time on legal issues that have no meaning for your business. We are committed to working flexibly to provide tailored solutions to our clients’ problems, and pride ourselves on fresh, innovative thinking. We are effective and pragmatic negotiators, focusing on our clients’ strategic long terms needs without losing sight of the short-term imperatives of getting the deal done.

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