Manuka S.A.

Manuka is a large scale modern Dairy company located in Chile, and is a leader in high quality sustainable dairy production. Pasture management is essential to our productive strategy as it allows us to produce a high quality product, at a low and competitive cost. We are committed to the consumers of our fresh milk who seek a natural and healthy food source.

Our successful model has three fundamental principles: our people, our herd and our pastures. They all receive our constant care and attention.

We work directly with 380 people and indirectly with 1,000 more in order to produce and distribute approximately 140 million litres of fresh milk per year that is then sold to multiple processing companies throughout the country.

We have herds of over 26,000 milk cows grazing on our green pastures in the Los Rios and Los Lagos regions. Today, Manuka has 14 farms spread across 22,600 hectares, of which 9,000 hectares is dedicated to dairy production. The most extensive of these farms is the Hacienda Coihueco.

Manuka was founded by New Zealand shareholders and started operating in Chile in 2005. The expertise of these farming families has given Manuka a legacy of knowledge, experience, and innovation, as well as a vision for the enormous potential of dairy production in the southern regions of Chile.

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