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By enabling governments to generate essential domestic revenue, DataTorque facilitate investment in key public services and infrastructure that are crucial to improving the lives of their people.

Since 1994 DataTorque provide consultancy services and integrated tax administration systems to help public revenue authorities to achieve their vision of a modern, equitable and efficient tax system.

DataTorque’s Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Revenue Management System (RMS) manages billions of dollars accounting for 15-25% of a nation’s GDP.

Their tax consultants work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure DataTorque’s solutions deliver real impact where it matters.

Today they are trusted by 16 governments worldwide – from the Pacific to Africa, the Americas and Europe - to increase the fairness and efficiency of taxation and sustain inclusive economic growth.

DataTorque are committed to the Latin American region and proud to be already partnering with Guyana and Belize.

Their team comes from all over the world united by a sense of shared purpose. Each one of them is driven by the idea that when everyone contributes, everyone benefits.

This shared understanding and commitment has helped define their approach and the technology solutions their clients rely upon every day. Most importantly, it has moulded and shaped DataTorque into a forward-thinking company with a human, open minded approach that is totally focused on doing things better.

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