Pacific Basin Exports

Pacific Basin Exports Limited is a specialised supplier of agricultural technology and farm inputs to farm supply companies and farmers throughout Latin America.

Our technical expertise is in animal production from pasture utilizing the world famous New Zealand system of intensive grassland farming.

We offer a complete package of farm inputs – ranging from speciality fertilizers, temperate (and some tropical) zone pasture seeds, animal genetics, animal identification products, fencing and animal containment products, animal management products and some harvesting equipment.

We also offer advice on technology and production improvement calling on a wide group of experts working in most agricultural fields in New Zealand and other countries.

Furthermore we can bring experts to Latin America for specific projects, and regularly bring agronomical experts for meetings with our distributors and their clients.

New Zealand is well known as the world leader in animal production from a pasture base (with or without strategic use of supplements). Our grazing systems for pasture and animal management are well recognised as is our need for low cost production. Our company sells this New Zealand experience and expertise in the production of milk, beef, sheepmeat and wool.

One of the best ways to demonstrate the opportunities provided by our technology is to visit New Zealand to see the technology being used commercially on New Zealand farms. Therefore our company will assist clients to arrange visits for groups or individuals to see specific activities or New Zealand agriculture in general.

Our managing director, Gerry Williams, who has been an active farmer of deer, sheep and cattle, has visited South America regularly over a period of some 35 years. Through these visits he has met, and made contact with a diverse range of business and farming people throughout the South American continent.

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