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Agritour Associates Limited specialises in showcasing New Zealand's primary industries to the international community.

Technology transfer through first-hand New Zealand experiences is what Agritour Associates offers its clients and what it does best. International producers and business people are provided access to their New Zealand counterparts across all the primary industry sectors (agriculture, fisheries, forestry, horticulture and viticulture including associated harvesting and processing operations and ancillary businesses). The focus is always where best-practice is demonstrated. Agritour Associates has access to research institutes and universities and national industry organisations and government departments for those clients with research and industry structure interests.

Agritour Associates prepares personalised tour programmes customised to meet clients' exact requirements. We make all the arrangements from when you land to when you leave New Zealand – transport, accommodation, meals, visits, interpreter, technical escort, the lot.

New Zealand companies entrust Agritour Associates with their overseas clients and agents. International organisations and individuals contract Agritour Associates. Most Latin American countries have toured with Agritour Associates, with a steady flow from those that share New Zealand's focus on pastoral livestock production. You can be a group of 30+ in a coach or an individual in a car with an Agritour Associates technical escort/driver. You can discuss pasture species on dairy farms or see apple packhouses in operation. You can have an industry overview or a specialised market research exercise. You can include a workshop on more technical aspects. And many many more opportunities. And of course Agritour Associates also showcases some of the best of New Zealand's scenic and tourist attractions for you while on tour.

Agritour Associates is owned and operated by professional agricultural and business university graduates with extensive practical farming, agribusiness and technology transfer experience.

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