LANZBC submission to MFAT supporting Primary Sector Training Visa Scheme extension

The LANZBC has made a submission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade in support of the extension of the Primary Sector Training Visa schemes to Uruguay and Argentina.

THE PSTV Scheme currently provides an opportunity for Chilean students to learn about New Zealand agriculture technology
through this PSTV Scheme is well recognised. In addition, the PSTV Scheme benefits New Zealand agribusiness companies as it encourages farmers in Latin America to buy and use New Zealand agritech products and services.

Companies from both Argentina and Uruguay have approached the National Trade Academy through the New Zealand Embassy in Argentina to provide opportunities for training with work placements as part of the programme. Without a PSTV Scheme this is not achievable.

LANZBC is aware that the Minister for Immigration has been informed of these requests from offshore and has directed officials in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to discuss the possibility of a Uruguayan PSTV with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and form a view on the merit of such a scheme.

LANZBC supports this review as we see benefits to bilateral relationships between Uruguay and Argentina with respect to training and innovation in the agriculture sector. Furthermore, we wish to record our support for a PSTV scheme with Uruguay and Argentina.

The full submission can be downloaded below.

LANZBC submission to MFAT
pdf 148 KB
LANZBC submission to MFAT in support of the extension of the Primary Sector Working Visas scheme.

This entry was posted on 3 Jun 2016


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